Update Organisation Unit Information by Using CSV file

Hi Team Members,
I have a DHIS2 instance with data to manage a pproject. I want to create a Dashboard like a Map. But before that, I need to fill Orgabisation unit Latitude and Longitude in DHIS2.
I have a coordonate for some Organisation Unit, but if use BIF to update all process is done but Latitude and Longitude field stay empty.

See below the format that I use (From DHIS2 BIF template)
Parent UID,Name,UID,Short Name,Code,Description,Opening Date,Closed Date,Comment,URL,Contact Person,Address,Email,Phone Number,Org Unit Group 1,Org Unit Group 2,Org Unit Group 3,Longitude,Latitude

My questions are :

  1. Where can I find Parent UID.Name, UID, Org Unit Group 1,Org Unit Group 2,Org Unit Group 3 Information ?
  2. If someone has already implement this approach, I would like to have a guideline to make an update of my Organistions Unit Latitude and Longitude by using CSV file.

Thanks in avance

Hi @zana_sidi
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OU details can be viewed in the Maintenance app → Organisation Unit, select the OU options (ellipses - ‘three vertical dots’) → Show details, check the API url. For example, https://play.dhis2.org/2.39.0/api/29/organisationUnits/ImspTQPwCqd.json

OR use the API directly by using the ou name: https://play.dhis2.org/2.39.0/api/29/organisationUnits?filter=name:ilike:OU_NAME_HERE&fields=*

Please use this template Organisation Unit CSV Format The coordinates column will contain Longitude,Latitude values.

If you use the import/export app or the API it’s easier to use JSON than CSV

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