Update on dhis2-trunk

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

It seems that our conversion from the old format (v1) to the new 2a
took a long time, and caused the launchpad database to disconnect from
the update process. This had the side-effect that the webpage was
never updated with the correct format (and information that the
upgrade was ok).

We now have version 2a as the repo format, this has some implications.

1) Everybody needs to be at client version 2.0 at the very least (but
i suggest that everybody upgrades to the newest version).
2) You can either do a new complete branch from trunk, or you need to
update the format of your current branch to version 2a using "bzr
upgrade --2a"

Since this is version 3509, this version still needs a couple of
patches before its ready to go, but this should be fixed tonight or at
the very latest tomorrow.

We will send out another mail when is OK again. But please prepare by
doing the steps mentioned.

(at the moment, there is still an upgrade notice at our trunk page..
this will be fixed by the launchpad people soon).


I have applied the lost commits and you can now go ahead and use trunk as before. Once again remember to do “bzr upgrade --2a” first. Big thanks to Morten for figuring out what the heck was going on.

I left out a few commits which were a bit questionable, with “old” revision numbers 3514, 1, 4. So make sure you don’t have any leftover changes in your local repo before committing next time!

This put us back a few days but on the positive side we finally got to upgrade to the new branch format which is really a lot faster and more convenient to work with.


PS: we are now among the 20 featured projects on Launchpad out of 22736 :slight_smile: http://launchpad.net