Update dhis2 2.36 to 2.40

I hope you very well via this message.

Can you help me, i will to do upgrade our dhis2 2.36 to 2.40?

You can provide me with the necessary elements for the upgrade


Hi @crakotondramanitra

I would suggest you to install local version of DHIS2.40 and do all migrations first there. if everything is fine, then you can upgrade live servers.

Basically what you need:

  • installed and running DHIS2.36
  • download version 40 of DHIS
  • stop your instance (tomcat)
  • create database backup
  • replace existing war file with new one
  • run tomcat
  • the rest will be done by DHIS2.40. It may take some time to upgrade and amend your existing DB

Open your local DHIS2 instance and login. Check if anything wrong on dashboards, open each report, charts, tables, custom reports. Run your programs and dataSets.
If everything is fine and you have not faced any problems\bugs then you can start upgrade on your live server.

Good luck


Thank you @Ulanbek
I’ll test it and come back to you in case of problem

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