Upcoming Digital Level 2 Academy on Android Implementation

Dear Community members

The University of Oslo is delighted to announce the Digital DHIS2 Android Implementers Academy to be held from 20 to 27 November.

Mobile implementation is a complex task. The DHIS2 Android Capture App offers a mobile solution for capture of aggregate and Tracker/Event data on Android devices that functions in both online and offline mode.

During this Academy, you will explore all the functionalities and key aspects for a successful configuration of the DHIS2 Android app and associated DHIS2 server to guarantee the best user experience for the front-line worker.

The facilitators will share best practices and lessons learned from existing DHIS2 Android implementations, and will guide you through approaches that are applicable across various projects.

Prerequisite: This is a technical course for implementers/administrators. Completion of a previous Level 1 DHIS2 Academy (or DHIS2 Fundamentals) or equivalent DHIS2 work experience and an extensive knowledge of Tracker are required.

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I have enrolled in the upcoming Android Implementation academy and I will be looking forward to learning a great deal of things.

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@aliceal I would like to participate, but it seems to me that it is already full booked.


Thank you very much and I will be looking forward to learning a great deal of things.

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I have already enrolled.

Je suis trés heureux de participer

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Thank you @marta, @jaime.bosque , @jose , @aliceal @martin and the whole @dhis2-android for a wonderful academy. We had wonderful week.


when is the next one?

Thanks for joining and sharing your experience with the participants!

We do not have exact dates yet, but the DHIS2 Academies calendar for 2021
will be announced very soon.

looking forward.

Thanks for your endeavour, looking forward…