Upcoming DHIS2 Tracker Configuration Academy, Level 1 - 24 January - 4 February

Dear Community members

Do you want to learn more about Tracker programs within DHIS2? Do you want to get an in-depth training on how to configure user access and authorities as related to tracker programs? Or know more on how to configure features such as program rules, program indicators and program notifications?

We are excited to announce that you can now register to the first Academy of 2022: The Level 1 Tracker Configuration Academy that will take place online from 24 January to 4 February.

The Tracker Configuration Academy is meant to provide an overview of a number of different tracker features and discuss how to implement them in practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the tracker data model in DHIS2
  • Apply the tracker data model to different tracker use-cases
  • Create tracker programs in DHIS2
  • Create and/or modify user roles and user groups in DHIS2
  • Apply correct sharing settings to DHIS2 tracker programs
  • Apply correct program access levels to DHIS2 tracker programs
  • Create program rules, indicators and notifications in DHIS2

The Academy targets DHIS2 technical leads and implementation support personnel that will be configuring and supporting tracker directly.

Registration is available on https://forms.gle/jRkdoJPvdLe3ZKVJ9


Yes, please! Thanks @aliceal! :blush:

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DHIS2 Tracker Configuration Academy Level 1 - playlist:

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