Upcoming DHIS2 Maps Academy, Level 2, 8-12 May, Cape Town, South Africa

UNICEF, HISP SA and University of Oslo are happy to announce the DHIS2 Level 2 Maps Academy scheduled to take place in-person on 8-12 May at the Protea Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa.

The aim of this academy is to improve the use of maps in DHIS2 as a means of displaying data and how to integrate other/outside sources of data, including population data, into country/district/facility maps.

Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate understanding and use of latest map features including thematic maps.
  2. Understand the core data and population layers in DHIS2.
  3. Produce maps for immunization campaigns and disease surveillance (Implementation track)
  4. Develop plan for disseminating, training, and use of maps (Implementation track)
  5. Produce maps in QGIS (technical track)
  6. Connect to google earth engine (technical track)
  7. Print large maps for facilities (technical track)
  8. Dissemination of knowledge, including this Maps Academy, using the Moodle platform.

Participants profile

As this is a Level 2 DHIS2 academy, it is expected that participants have skills in using DHIS2 analytics processes as a basic. If this is your first time working with DHIS2, you are not a suitable candidate.

Who this Academy is targeting

  1. Registration by country team
  • 3-5 participants from each country including EPI and/or disease surveillance leads, HMIS leads, and system admin/developer.
  1. Participants from NGO or development agencies.

Structure of the Academy

The Academy will include 2 tracks:

  1. Implementation: Focuses on use of the Maps app for Immunization campaign planning (micro planning) and disease surveillance using latest features and population sources. This will include countries building maps to complement their current Excel/REDREC tools.

  2. Technical: Focus on producing and printing maps in QGIS that are not possible in DHIS2 and adding population data from outside sources where available.

Registration and more information available on https://forms.gle/vQmSakJc4p1TUzQ68


Thanks for you are email

Thank you for the mail and the announcement about the forthcoming Maps Academy. However, I work with AFENET Nigeria as a Health informatics specialist. It will be good if an invitation can be sent to the AFENET headquarter in Ugandaga, requesting all health infamatics specialist or people that manage both the front and back end of DHIS2 instance with her member country including Nigeria. With this there will acceptance and the AFENET HQ can extend the invitation to NIgeria
Thank you

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thanks for the communication and am here requesting for an invitation to help me process my visa as soon as possible as i have already done the registration



Thanks for the email, I’m from Angola I work with Mothers2Mother (m2m) as M&E, it would be appreciated if you could send an invitation to the m2m headquarters in Angola requesting participation in this type of concert.

Thank you Alice for your information, we also need an invitation letter to our ministry or The Global Fund because the Global fund is our support partner on HMIS in Sierra Leone.
Thank you