Upcoming DHIS2 Analytics Tools Academy for Africa kicking off on 28 February

Are you based in Africa? Do you want to know how data analysis can turn raw data into useful and actionable information? We are happy to announce the digital DHIS2 Academy, Level 1: Analytics Tools to be hosted from 28 February to 11 March 2022.

Knowing how the DHIS2 analytics tools work, and how to choose the most appropriate tools and visualizations based on the kind of data and needs of the audience, are key factors in managing successful information systems.

The Level 1 DHIS2 Analytics Tools Academy builds upon the introduction to data analysis from the DHIS2 Fundamentals course to provide you with the skills you need to use DHIS2 effectively for data analysis.

By successfully completing this Level 1 Academy you will:

  • Gain an understanding of data tools in DHIS2, and create your own charts, tables, maps, and dashboards
  • Learn best practices for data analysis, and how to produce relevant information in DHIS2
  • Explore real-world examples of using data to make decisions
  • Get an introduction to data quality tools within DHIS2

Prerequisite: Participation in this course requires prior completion of DHIS2 Fundamentals, or equivalent experience with DHIS2.

Due to the overall capacity of the event, we might have quotas in term of number of participants per country. Your registration will be evaluated by the organizers considering your qualifications and your involvement into the DHIS2 implementation in your country/organization.

Registration is available here

We are looking forward to virtually meet you!


Thanks @aliceal Excited to hear about the Event, I Registerd.

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