Unusual behaviour when trying to view tracked entity attributes using the API

We are trying to get all attributes of a TEI in a certain program, however when we get the trackedEntityInstance (id) and append it to '…api/trackedEntityInstances/TEI-id ', the attributes field is empty. An interesting thing happens when you filter to view enrollments and attributes fields only, the enrollment details can be seen but the attributes are still not visible. However for the same TEIs in a particular organisation unit, if you try filter by some attribute, the attributes do show up albeit just 2 out a possible 10+ that are in the program. Any workaround on this will be appreciated, how can we view all attributes of a particular TEI from the API? Oh, this is version 2.33.3

Hi @haroont,

I have sent your issue to the @dhis2-backend team and someone should give you a response soon.

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Thank you so much for this @Karoline