Untranslated words: All items in properties file have been translated ,but can't be build into bundle file

The i18n file has been translated ,but the UI still untranslated, the " yarn build " command can’t generate the local strings into bundle file.

The translated po file:

but still:


Thank you for reporting this issue. It has been filed on Jira as issue DHIS2-11604 (https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-11604).

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This issue has now been fixed in 2.37 (https://github.com/dhis2/import-export-app/tree/master/), 2.36 (https://github.com/dhis2/import-export-app/tree/v36) and 2.35 (https://github.com/dhis2/import-export-app/tree/v35).

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