Unable to update Capture app in 2.37

This was reported 2.5 years ago [DHIS2-10263] - Jira This is true on 2.35, 2.36, and 2.37 as well. Importantly, though, 2.37 being a still supported version…continuous roll-out of the capture app isn’t possible. Is there a way for 2.37 to benefit from the fix 100.33.1 that you mentioned @Karoline ?

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Hi @Matthew_Boddie

For version 2.37, I believe in the App Management app, it’s possible to update the Capture app. Please have a look:


@Gassim Thanks for this—I’m very confused! On both and on our instances I don’t see Capture as a Core App that we can update. Will keep investigating.

The compatible versions of this application comes up null here—I’ve tried to install the newest App management application…still no dice.

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@Matthew_Boddie, thanks for the info! I tried again in all the 2.37 instances on play and it seems that there are some challenges updating the app.

In 2.37-dev and 2.37-nightly I can’t find the app in the App Management app whereas in the app appears in the App Management app but if one clicks on Uninstall it disappears from the App Management app even though it doesn’t actually uninstall and it’s still accessible from the menu.

I will see if I can ask around about this issue. Thanks!

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Interesting! Its as though it doesn’t think that the capture app is a supported version in 2.37.x, but if it is installed, it (at least potentially) does work. I’d be happy to take a zipped file of the application to attempt to update the capture and then test to make sure its functional----this would be a big win for us, so I’m happy to spend the time!

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Hey @Matthew_Boddie,

I’m sorry, but Capture on continuous release is only supported back to 2.38. This is because, in 2.38, we switched from using the deprecated tracker api to the new /tracker importer. These new endpoints were introduced in 2.36 so technically it is possible to use the new app, but it is not supported and should be really well-tested before put into production. Also, there is some functionality in the app which is feature toggled, but I’m guessing that is functionality that you do not need.

You can however build an updated version of the capture app and bundle it with your DHIS2-instance. This would require some technical knowledge, but should be pretty straight-forward. If you clone the capture-app repo and run yarn install && yarn build, both a zipped and unzipped version of capture will appear in the build-folder. (note: if you’re uploading it through app-management, you might have to change the name in d2.config.js)

Give me a shout if there’s something I can help with!

(Sorry, just saw that you added a response that summarized what I was typing. You’re on the right track though!)

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Thanks @eirikhaugstulen ! This makes sense. Sounds like we should get newest capture app off of play 2.37 to prevent confusion.

So I guess my question comes back to—2.37 is a supported version until next May, but I’m starting to wonder if Capture/other apps are going to be able to be updated in the version. For future patches of 2.37, will they be able to package any bugs found in these apps?


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Hey again @Matthew_Boddie,

I had to ask around a bit just to get some clarifications; according to @Austin, 37 will have the status of END OF SUPPORT after the next patch release, meaning that it’s not supported until May '24. With our new release strategy, we hope to make this simpler, but as of now we’re supporting version 40, 39 and 38. If you know of any places where we have mistyped our support strategy, please let us know!

As far as general support of Capture backports goes, it should work as expected from version 38 and onwards. This should also include all other apps that are continuously released. There also seems to be a bug in App Management where it believes that there are compatible installable versions, even though there are none. Could you register this on Jira for the Platform team?

Thank you and please let me know if something is unclear!


Hi @Matthew_Boddie!

Hope you’ve been well since DAC in June :slight_smile:

Thanks to @eirikhaugstulen for helping me out with the technical/app management side of your question. Regarding the issue of showing the install button even when there are no compatible versions, we actually have one on JIRA already: [DHIS2-13252] - Jira

Regarding the Capture app fix, this was only a bug where the event was not able to be edited if it had an AOC, not to actually edit the AOC itself. But this design is actually currently on my to do list now and I am planning to get input from you and others in the CoP to make sure the design meets user needs - to be continued :tada:

All the best,