Unable to sync/download data from the server back to the Android device

Hi @dhis2-android,

One of our event programs does not download the data from the server back to the device. It’s all the same for the Android users assigned to this event program but they were able to submit and sync data (around 7000 events since August) to the server successfully without issue. We face this issue when they reset the app and configuration then log out and log in back again or they log in using a new device the user is unable to download any of the events of his/her facility back to the device. We have other programs and users assigned to other event programs does not have this issue and are able to download back the events without issue. I tried to check the user settings (each user is assigned to one facility only), sharing settings, the sync parameter is set to 1000 events, and the program settings but it seems fine to me. Another important thing to note is that the difference of this program is that it uses category options as an attribute so my rough guess is the category option (?). Is the cat option as an attribute for event programs not yet supported in the Android app when downloading the data? I tried to reproduce the issue in dhis2 play but I was not able to reproduce it so not sure. I tried to look in Jira and here in COP but can’t seem to find a similar issue.

Any tips on how to address this issue or where else to check would be greatly appreciated. This is happening in DHIS2 version 2.34.2 and Android app version 2.3.

Thanks a lot in advance!



Hi @rose.

Is there a chance you could share credentials in private with me so I can check?