Unable to see value against coordinate in GIS for country

Hi folks i am unable to get value in GIS for my country co-ordinates in dhis 2
respect to data element and programs

1.I have imported GML file for country outer boundaries i.e (Layer 0) for all the country and when i select country, getting error as No value found. screen shot attached.

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Hi @kumarm
I am assuming you are using 2:30.
The error means there is no data for either that period or for that data element or indicator.
If your intention was to test if the polygons or geo codes were successfully imported and are working, you can use the boundary layer (third icon from the right), this will generate the boundary without need for selecting any other variables.
Otherwise do a maintenance check (Data Administration) and run your analytics.
PS: you can quickly find out if a given data element has data for a given period using pivot table. Then use these selections in Maps.

Let us know if this helps.


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