Unable to see beneath translation page

Hello ,
When i try to translate manually all my data elements by pressing the three dots beside each data element as shown below

i get the problem of inability to see the complete translation box , taking into consideration that i have changed my web browser zoom to 75%… Also i tried to drag that translation box up the webpage but didnt work as well.

how to fix this please?

G’day Haliz,
I find in Chrome when I go to View → Zoom Out, it then shows all the fields i.e. the Form name at the bottom. Then I can also scroll up/down in the Translate window for good measure.
But this is a thing that could be looked at to fix (I think) - you can raise a JIRA bug for it here for the Dev team to look into it.
Hope this helps

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Thank you very much @dmnscar

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Dear @Haliz.t ,

You may also want to have a look at the “Translations” app, which allows you to translate many different types of metadata. It may be a bit more efficient than using the maintenance app.

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