Unable to save visualizations in Data Visualizer App

Hello :slight_smile:

Several users in my office have the problem that we make our visualizations (they work perfectly) but when we want to save them we get an error. At first we thought it was a network problem, but then individually and on different networks we keep having the same problem.

What do you recommend me to check?

Hi @Laura.Deleon

Thank you for the post. It could still be a connection issue with the server itself. Is it possible that you check the Network log and Console (F12 → Network tab)? Click F12 right before the error shows up.

Please provide the following info:

Since this could possibly be a server issue, we might need the complete Catalina.out log (without sensitive info), please share.


Hi @Gassim

We are facing the same problem I have admin user and I have checked with several other users too.

We are using 2.38.5 version and I have tried guest mode in my browser too.

Hello all,
is there any update / solution for this issue? We face the same issue at the moment but not for all users. I would be interested in possible solutions.