Unable to page through dataValueSets

I need to be able to page through large volumes of dataValueSets via api
but paging parameters do not seem to be available for this data.

Assistance would be appreciated, TIA

Hi Pamela, as you have correctly observed we do not support paging on that specific endpoint. The main reason is that data values don’t have a single primary key, making it difficult to have a stable ordering which is required for paging.

Instead we recommend that you page implicitly based on organisation units, time start/end dates or alternatively data set or data element groups.

Said differently, in your API client, you can first fetch org units e.g. at level 2 or 3 in your hierarchy, and make individual data value requests for each org units (including the sub-hierarchy of the org unit). You can use a similar approach with start/end dates, or data element groups.

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Thanks Lars. I understand. I had started to think about those other options for sub-setting the data, thanks. Nice to stop spending time looking for something that doesnt exist! :slight_smile: