Unable to line-list data from multiple stages in event reports

Hi everyone,

I am using DHIS 2 version 2.33.3

I would like to create an event report with data from multiple program stages, but I am not able to this in event reports.

Any hint on how to create this kind of reports in Event Reports?

NB: When Version 2.33 was released, one of the features that was reported is the possibility of creating a list of patients or tracked entity instances based on enrollment that displays data across any number of stages in a single table.

Thank you,

HI @dmbantu,
You will need to set the table style to ‘line list’ and output type to ‘enrollment’

From there, you can select your program and the data elements from different stages. From what i’ve seen, this only displays the latest values.


Hi @jesplana,
Now Iam able to view data from different program stages

But I can’t see the date (report date) entered by staff to show when the event actually occurred as shown below.

I have three stages/sessions and i would also like to view the event date/report date in the event report. Any advice on how to handle this is welcome.


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