Unable to install DHIS2 Capture in rooted devices (custom tailored devices direct from industry)


I understand DHIS2 Android capture app is not allowed to be installed on rooted devices, for security reasons of course.

But there are situations in some countries where the governments purchase devices that are custom configured directly from industry (Industry rooted based devices) and they want to use the devices for live data entry and not training.

Is there any copy around of DHIS2 Capture app tailored for rooted devices and that can be used in production? Can I also get pin pointed to the training version that works on rooted devices on the same?

I don’t think that governments purchasing rooted devices is a safe option and I would really challenge that as a security officer or person in charge of security in any implementation. Rooting an Android device introduces lots of risks and we consider that the Android App might contain health (and therefore private) information of patients so we make everything we can to protect those users and their data.

You can read more about it in many places, but as we follow the OWASP mobile standard, this here might be useful: Owasp mobile Security Project: Dangers of Jailbreaking & Rooting What is "jailbreaking" and "rooting"? iOS
Having said all this. I do use the production application in rooted devices. There are ways to bypass this security checks but it is not intended to be used in real implementations. If you really need to use the application in rooted devices I think you should use the training App which can be found on github. This needs to be installed manually. You could also recompile the production App disabling the rooted security checks and putting it in your own market place of your own F-Droid repository.

Please let me know if this answer your questions or you need any further clarification :slight_smile: