Unable to get a data set updated in android app

Hi, everyone.

I have made changes to a data set in DHIS 2, but Iam unable to update it in android app on the tablet. Any hint will be useful.


Hello @dmbantu.

What is the error that you are getting?

Do you mean that you made some changes on the server side and you cannot see on the Android? If that is the case you will need to “Sync configuration” first. On the settings menu.

Hi @jaime.bosque.

I have renamed some data elements on the data set and changed the period type from monthly to weekly. On the settings menu, I choose manual from the syncing period combo and clicked on sync configuration now. But when I go to the dataset, the changes are still not reflected.


Hi @dmbantu.

If you do not have unsynced things in your device. I would suggest that you reset the application:

and then try again.

Hi @jaime.bosque,

I have reseted the application by clicking on reset app data & configuration, but after logging in again, I can not see the forms. What I see is this message: There is no information for the filters selected. Please try changing them.

Thanks again

Please, review this to make sure there are no filters selected: