Unable to find resource

Dear All,
I just upgraded DHIS2 to 2.29 in my local machine. But i received Unable to find resource ‘/dhis-web-commons/security/login.vm’ and could not get into login page. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you all

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Hi @Sangay_Tenzin

It says .vm at the end, that does not seem right.
Can you check your URL again?


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Thank you for your suggestion. When I manually check the file, it is there is the same location. I am confused.

Try typing “localhost:8080” or “localhost:8080/dhis” and press enter.
Fill the " " accordingly.
What do you mean by [quote=“Sangay_Tenzin, post:3, topic:35595”]
it is there is the same location
[/quote]? As in same location as the war file.
I have not seen this before, have you tried deleting it?