Unable to export all events using import/export app in DHIS 2.37.8

Hi all ,

We see that when we try exporting events using event export in import/export app , only 50 events are getting exported . Even in events API with skip paging set to true , we are getting only 50 events .

The API we used :

This was reported earlier too : [Bug 1611811]

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Hi @Sneha_Gudi,
In response to your inquiry, I would suggest two things:

  1. You can completely disable paging by adding the ‘paging=false’ parameter. For example https://xxdomainxx/api/tracker/events.json?orgUnit=xxxxxxxxx&ouMode=DESCENDANTS&program=xxxxxxxxx&occurredAfter=2022-01-01&occurredBefore=2022-12-31&paging=false. Or,
  2. You can increase the page size of the data being loaded/downloaded by adding ‘pageSize=1000’ parameter. For example https://xxdomainxx/api/tracker/events.json?orgUnit=xxxxxxxxx&ouMode=DESCENDANTS&program=xxxxxxxxx&occurredAfter=2022-01-01&occurredBefore=2022-12-31&pageSize=500

For more information, check out the Documentation.

I hope our response is able to solve the issue you were facing.

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Hi @e4eDHIS2 ,

Thank You for your response , paging=false is not working but increasing pageSize to the desired number is working. This can be a workaround for time being until we are on 2.37.8. I see that this has been fixed in 2.37.9 in the response for the Jira Ticket we raised.

Thanks & Regards,

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