Unable to download TEIs using Android Tracker Capture app (0.5.9)

Hi all,

We are using Tracker to track over 250000 patients. Each site registers over an average of 4000 TEIs. Data collection on this patients is done in offline mode, so the TEIs are required to be downloaded to the tablet app before the Community Health Workers go out to the field for data collection.

The challenge being faced is that the mobile tracker app (v0.5.8 and also v0.5.9) is unable to download TEIs from the server to the local storage on the mobile app. It’s either timing out with a message “Error. Please retry” or when filters are applied, it downloads blank records as shown in the screenshot below.

We have tried this on DHIS2 versions 2.27 and 2.30

Has anyone experienced this or know a workaround/fix to this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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HI @Nguza_Yikona,

As other members contribute to this, our @dhis2-tracker team will check it out. @Emma_Kassy - have you experienced such a case?


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The “old” Tracker Capture app do have problems, in particular with large data sets.

While still slightly buggy, the new combined “DHIS2 Capture App” (currently version 1.1.1) seems like a major improvement in terms of handling / controlling larger data sets. It’s not supported under 2.27, but it IS supported under 2.30. Have you tried that? Unless it turns out to be unusable for your purpose, switching to the new app might be a better way forward.



Thanks for the update @Calle_Hedberg.