Unable to create dynamic line or area charts using HTML report template in Reports

Hello All,

I am a student researcher and fairly new to DHIS2 platform. I want to create HTML reports with reporting parameters like Period and Org Unit , that can generate dynamic charts (basically charts that get created using data visualizer in DHIS2).

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @Twinkle_Vhatkar

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community! :tada:

It’s seems that you are describing DHIS2 dashboards. Have you checked them out? They’re pretty similar to the description with a lot of flexibility and the ability to add charts generated from the analytics apps as well.

How’d the dashboard be different from the HTML dynamic reports? What more is needed to be included in the dashboard?

Please have a look here: 5.2.1 Creating and sharing a dashboard [Part 1 of 1] - YouTube


Hello @ AL-Gassim Sharaf Addin ,
Thank you for responding. I am trying to embed the charts from data visualizer in DHIS2 into Reports app (basically create reports in the Report app using these already created charts in visualizer). When I select the reporting parameters, I want my embedded charts to get updated according to these parameters (org unit and reporting period)


Thanks @Twinkle_Vhatkar!

Yes, it’s possible to add these reports to a dashboard along with the dynamic charts thus being able to use the Dashboard filter feature for (OUs and periods).