Unable to change ownership for dashboard


I am trying to change the ownership for a dashboard.
To change the ownership I am exporting dashboard metadata using import/export and updating the created by field and reimporting the metadata.
When I am exporting the metadata to verify the change the ownership is not changed but the last updated by is changed instead.
Is there any particular reason for not allowing the change of ownership for the dashboard?

R.Sri Laxmi Ragini

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Hi @R_Sri_Laxmi_Ragini,

So may I ask you first if as I understand that you are changing the owner in the CSV, but you are importing the Dashboard again before deleting the original dashboard?


Hi @Gassim ,

Yes, you are correct.

R. Sri Laxmi Ragini

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Thanks @R_Sri_Laxmi_Ragini! Please try again and before importing delete the original dashboard. I advice you try this on a test instance or on play.dhis2.org first.

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Hi @Gassim,

Thanks for the suggestion, it is working now.

But I have a doubt about this approach.

When we delete the original dashboard and import it, doesn’t it mean we are creating a whole new dashboard, whereas our scenario is just to update the ownership of the existing dashboard?

Thanks and Regards,
R. Sri Laxmi Ragini

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I’m glad that it is working! (:

I understand what you mean but I don’t know if changing ownership is even possible.

Hi @R_Sri_Laxmi_Ragini,

Thank you so much for your question!

I am interested to know your user story/requirement a little bit more, if possible. What is the movation behind needing to changing the dashboard ownership? This will help us understand the needs a bit more and try to come up with some suggested solutions.

Thank you so much,

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Hi @Karoline

There is no particular scenario at present with me.

We were trying to run some test cases. And this was one of the test cases.

When we change a field in metadata doesn’t it need to be reflected in UI?

In the old versions of 2.31, I can change the userID of created by. Is there a reason for not being able to change the ownership in newer versions?

Thanks and Regards,
R. Sri Laxmi Ragini