Unable to change accounts in v2.6.1 or 2.6.2 of the Android app

Hi all,

I am running v2.6.2 of the Android app and am trying to log into 2 different servers, one running 2.38 and the other running 2.38.1. If I log into one of the servers and then log out, I am unable to log into the other. This is because I am unable to edit the URL or username on the login screen.

The only workaround is to delete the app and reinstall.


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Hello @swoodworth .

As specified in the documentation: DHIS2 Android App - DHIS2 Documentation in order to be able to access two servers you need to go to “Manage Accounts”

There you should be able to add up to three accounts and deleting previous ones.


Many thanks @jaime.bosque and also @Gassim for setting me straight on this. All is good now and I am able ot access two entirely separate DHIS2 instances using the Manage Accounts option.


:smiley: Thank you for sharing the instructions!

@swoodworth found out the solution right after posting so he had deleted this post but I encouraged him to not delete it and rather share the solution he found because other community members might find it helpful. :+1: