Unable to Access Tracker Programs

Hello Support,
We upgraded our DHIS2 instance from 2.33.8 to 2.36.0.

We have had a number of issues but the one we are struggling with now is that users at the sites cannot access the tracker programs. The drop-down menu is empty.

This error is in the console

Please could anybody help provide some insight as to what is going on and what we can do?


Thank you.


Would you like to try to update your test instance 2.36.0 to 2.36.1?

If you would like to create a Jira issue for this one? Thanks!

@Gassim Has it been released?

Yes! You can find releases information here: Versions - Jira

Hi @ifeanyiokoye, you might want to ensure that the tracker program is shared with the user groups that the end-users are assigned to.

Hello @Barnabas_Akumba We were using the system before the upgrade. Sharing settings have been checked over and over again.

Hello @Gassim, the issue still persists with 2.36.1.
Thank you.

Hello @Gassim @Markus, please could someone assist us with this issue?

I have already created a JIRA ticket on this

Thank you for your assistance.


Hey @ifeanyiokoye,

I see that you got a response from @Markus in the Jira issue, are you still facing an issue? I will notify him as well. Thanks!

Yes @Gassim
We upgraded the instance to 2.36.3 and are still facing the issue.
Thank you.