UIO Functional Design Team Gathering DHIS2 Maintenance app Use Cases

As part of the University of Oslo’s HISP Centre functional design team, we support requirements gathering phases through our close collaboration with HISP groups as well as other global content partners, DHIS2 experts, and relevant stakeholders to translate functional requirements into DHIS2 design, requirements and features that align well with the needs in countries. The functional design team collaborates closely with product managers, designers, architects, developers, and testers, and acts as a bridge between users (usually represented by the HISP groups) and the core development team in charge of developing DHIS2

In an effort to improve the Maintenance app and make it easier to use, the DHIS2 core team is starting a rewrite of the app. This is a large effort, and requires breaking the rewrite down into smaller pieces and to focus on setup, layout, navigation, and selected features. To help guide our development, we would like to know more about how you use the Maintenance app in your work and learn about the biggest challenges you face.

Please take some time to fill out a short google survey to help us gather the DHIS2 community’s use cases and contribute to the improvement of the DHIS2 Maintenance app