UIO Functional Design Team Gathering DHIS2 Custom Form Use Cases

As part of the University of Oslo’s HISP Centre functional design team, we support requirements gathering phases through our close collaboration with HISP groups as well as other global content partners, DHIS2 experts, and relevant stakeholders to translate functional requirements into DHIS2 design, requirements and features that align well with the needs on the ground in countries. The functional design team collaborates closely with product managers, designers, architects, developers, and testers, and acts as a bridge between users (usually represented by the HISP groups) and the core development team in charge of developing DHIS2.

We know at times the core functionality in DHIS2 doesn’t meet all data entry use cases, and it has been necessary to create custom forms tailored to specific implementations and user’s needs. As part of the functional design team we are working to better understand the landscape and use cases of WHY people have used custom forms, and what needs are being met through these. This use case gathering process will guide prioritization and development so that DHIS2 can potentially support your needs more natively (skip logic, layout, color customization, etc.)

Please take a few minutes to fill out a short google survey to gather the DHIS2 community’s custom form use cases to have your voice heard. https://forms.gle/TKDHJPFjDgyJm7x99

Please feel free to reply with a post with your questions or comments.