UID generation via URL

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I think the uid generation feature was introduced in version 2.12. It could be that you are testing on an older DHIS 2 version. Could you check the DHIS 2 version number from the about page?





On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 2:32 PM, Ferdie Botha ferdie.hisp@gmail.com wrote:

Hi guys - just something weird we’re struggling with. We can pull a list of UIDs from a database (URL

The live database where we want to do the actual update however gives us a http 404 error, although I can log in as admin, browse, do anything I want to.

Jaco tested this against his home and 2 other databases as well, and none of them gives him a uid list. In all the cases, running the /api command responded with a api/resource list. Only 1 provides actual UIDs (as we did in the classroom in Oslo).

Any ideas/advise?

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