Tweets promoting the CoP

Hi Community members,

Heres are some tweets for social media if you would like to promote the CoP. We also look forward to suggestions from you!

#dhis2CoP, the one-stop shop for relevant #DHIS2 resources & information online -

67 countries are using #DHIS2 and the pool of DHIS2 users is continuously growing - join discussions and learn from others on the new #dhis2CoP -

#dhis2CoP – be part of the #DHIS2 community & ask questions, share experiences, provide feedback, get answers -


Hi Community members,

As we share the news on CoP launch on Facebook and Twitter to friends of DHIS2 here are some suggestions on hashtags to use:
The one stop shop for relevant #DHIS2 resources & information online -

We look forward to more suggestions from you #DHIS2Community.