Trying to populate the list of active users in Usage analytics

Jumping on this.
Trying to populate the list of active users on a given period in Usage analytics but it’s nil.
Even in the database, the datastatistics table displays 0 for active users.
Can somebody help on this?

Hi @bngom,

Welcome to the DHIS2 CoP and congrats on your first post!

I moved this from the other thread you posted it as that is very old to get more visibility to your request.

Can you please let us know what version of DHIS2 you are on?

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Hi @Karoline,
Thanks for the welcome.
We have to instances : 2.33.1 and 2.30.
I doublechecked in the datastaticstable but it’s also 0 in both of them


Thanks for your response.Anymore information or steps to reproduce would be very helpful.

I am tagging @dhis2-backend and specifically @maikel who solved a data statistics issue recently.


Hi @Karoline, I can take a look for sure, but as you mentioned we would need the steps to reproduce it.

Hi @bngom, once you have the correct steps to reproduce it let me know so I can try to reproduce and investigate the issue.


I may be having the same issue as @bngom. I have a steady increase in users but no active users which is hard to believe. What exactly is an “active user?” I don’t see anything on this in the documentation I looked at (Home - DHIS2 Documentation).

Hi everyone, I am following this thread because I seem to be encountering the same challenge and there seem to be no solution provided till now. When generating the usage analytic chart, the total number of users are correct but ‘Active users’ is showing zero. However, when I go to data statistics it shows I had 20 logged in users today.

As @gawantang, maybe someone should enlighten us on what ‘Active users’ is or maybe we are missing a certain setting.

Looking forward to your feedback :slightly_smiling_face: