Trouble setting up Patient Appointment SMS reminder

Hello dear Community,

I am having trouble with setting up a SMS reminder that should be sent to a Patient 3 days before the appointment date.

The tracker currently sends SMSs after stage completion and we would like to add the option to send SMS reminders to patients in case they have an appointment.

I opted for the option “Schedule Message”, and created the “Program rule” as you can see in the image below but unsuccessfully.

I will appreciate any help.

Respectfully yours.

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Hi @Bobo_BUYA,

From what I see the configuration is correct, did you try to select ‘trigger for a program stage’ in the program rule details? Or create the notification using “Program notification” rather than “Program stage notification.”

If that doesn’t work, it’s very important to have a look at the error logs to know the issue. Please share the Catalina.out log (wiithout the sensitive info).


Thank you dear,

I unsuccessfully tried both scenarios [ Program Notification & Program stage notification ] and It is normally triggered for a program stage.

I will share the error logs soon.

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Hi @Bobo_BUYA ,

For this scheduled SMS to work properly, you need to have:

1 - A working program rule. You can open the developer console and see if the rule ID has been successfully executed.

2 - Confirmation that the message has been successfully scheduled. After you try a test message, you can check whether it was scheduled in a SQL View, e.g.

select * from programnotificationinstance
order by Created desc limit 10

3 - Confirmation that you have a scheduled job to Send Program Notifications. You can read more about this in the docs.

If you have set up a scheduled job in Scheduler but the program notification is not being scheduled or sent, it could be an issue with the program rules engine on the server, in which case please share logs from your staging or development instance.


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Hello dear @brian , @Gassim

Sorry for the late reply.
I am a superuser of the system and access to the catalina.out has been hard to request.

So far, i tried to run the SQL query >

select * from programnotificationinstance
order by Created desc limit 10

to check if the message has been successfully scheduled and i received a positive response.

The scheduler Job is set to send “scheduled messages” at 10h00’ AM.
Could the “scheduledat” with a “Date&Time” datatype affect the scheduler to send the message.