Trouble installing DHIS2 using

Hello Everyone! my name is Tebogo Ketshabile!

I am new to DHIS2 and i am having a bit of a problem installing DHIS2,my tables are not displaying on pgAdmin4 and my page is desplaying error message 404,“Page not Found”.

Can anybody please assist?

Thank You

@KetshabileT Hi Tebogo, thank you for your question! It has been months since you posted, thanks for your patience! I would like to know if you were able to solve this issue? What version have you installed? Any progress? Thank you for sharing with the community! :pray:

Hello Al-Addin,…i did not manage with the problem…can you kindly assist?

Hey @KetshabileT,
Welcome back! Have you tried which might be a good alternative if you’re having problems with pgAdmin?

As for the installation there are two users in another topic facing the 404 issue so you might benefit from the conversation in: DHIS2 Version 2.36 Installation in DIgital Ocean and locally in UBUNTU 18.04

However, we can continue the conversation here so that we might want to get specific support depending on the error, so to start, I will quote @Phil from the other topic:

Al-Addin i have not tried the,so let me try it out then give you feedback because the real problem was from the pgAdmin.

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