Trouble embedding DHIS2 as an iframe

Hi, all,
This is my first post here in the Community.
We are having trouble embedding DHIS2 core as an iframe. This is a scenario foreseen in the docs (see here, for instance), so I wanted first to check if it is possible to allow embedding via config file, without changes to source code.
For example, can we configure the X-Frame-Options HTTP header or the Content-Security-Policy HTTP header via config file?
If not, which are the proper changes that should be made in the source code to allow embedding while keeping it secure?

So, how can i enable DHIS-core to embed another app? when i link in my iframe, has a problem with message “This content is blocked. Contact the site owner to fix the issue.”

How can fix this problem?

Hi Matheus,

This is controlled in the source code of the other app that you want to embed.

Hope this helps.