Trigger new event and fill a field?

Hi all,
I have looked through the documentation a bit and think the answer is no, but I wanted to see if it’s possible to tick a box in one event form (not tracker), and trigger a new form (different event program). For example, if we click “positive test” in a health assessment, it will automatically trigger a contact tracing form and fill certain fields.
I know you can do something like this with program stages, but a tracker program is not feasible - we want to stick with separate event forms because in the majority of cases, there will not be a need for the second form. But when there is a need for the second form, want to streamline. Would love to hear any ideas/suggestions!

Hi @Natalie_Tibbels

Either way, if it’s a no, you are welcome to add more description for the use case, create a feature request and share the link here for other community members to vote for prioritization, and the core team will discuss the use case to see what possible solutions can be provided.

I don’t think it is possible to use program rules for different programs in both Tracker as well as Events, but yes, it’s possible between programs stages in the same program.

There’s a program rule which can hide a section so I know it’s not exactly what you asked for but it will work to ‘hide’ rather than ‘show’. :slight_smile:

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Feels like the cleanest solution to this would be an event form with multiple program stages. If you’re in two event programs, you’ll be limited by the ability to create the event itself, but also the “fill certain fields” piece. With a program stage that’s hidden unless positive test is clicked, you can obviously achieve what you’re looking for. I might argue that’s more streamlined, as they wouldn’t have to navigate to an entirely different event (even if you could have it triggered to be created and partially filled).

I would imagine that if you went custom form route, you could have some fun and build an importable json and push in data through the API and then reference the event in the original form to get to and add additional information.