Triangulation for Immunization and Vaccine-Preventable Disease Surveillance Programmes

Greetings Colleagues,

There are two sessions and one expert lounge on triangulation for immunization and vaccine-preventable disease surveillance programmes during the 2022 DHIS2 conference. Please join UiO on Wednesday, June 22nd at 16:30 for a live demonstration of the new DHIS2 triangulation dashboards for assessing immunization programme performance and immunity gaps. There will also be two sessions (Part 1 and Part 2) on Thursday, June 23rd at 10:30-12:00, where we will provide an introduction to the global triangulation guidance and methodology (developed by WHO, UNICEF and CDC), as well as have three country use cases of implementing triangulation into immunization programme to improve data use for decision-making (Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Ethiopia). We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information on the global triangulation guidance and relevant resources, please visit:

Angela Montesanti Porter, MPH
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention