Translations to Russian for v2.30


My organisation is currently implementing our instance of DHIS2 in 3 Russian speaking countries. I noticed that the Russian language interface has not been translated for v2.30 for two key apps: Tracker Capture and Event Reports.

I have navigated to the translation portal to add Russian translations, but noticed that all Russian translations have already been completed. I then thought that maybe it was a version issue, so checked some later builds on the play store:, but it seems like the Russian translations for those two apps are still not appearing here either.

Can anyone please help get the Russian translations (especially for the Tracker Capture and Event Report apps) to work on v2.30?

Many thanks,


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Hi @monika,

We have almost all of the application resources in the new translation platform now (HISP UiO localization | Transifex), and I am working on integrating this with (at least) all maintained versions of DHIS 2.

I’ll be happy to prioritise Tracker Capture and Event Report apps, and will contact you in the next day or two to when testing the workflow to version 2.30!

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Hi @phil,

Thanks for the update! That sounds good to me - happy to help test when this is ready.



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