Translations of the Android App - Contributions needed!

Dear community,

Very soon we are releasing a new version of the DHIS2 Android App and so, there is a new opportunity to contribute translating the application so the users in your country can fully understand it.

The Android app (as most of the DHIS2 projects) uses a web platform called Transifex where everyone can contribute to the translations. The current status is the following:

So, if you want to see the application translated into your language feel free to add translations before Friday, the 17th!

How to contribute?

  1. Open the Transifex project link:
  2. Click on the big blue button “Help Translate ‘Android Capture’”.
  3. Create a new account / or log in if you already have one
  4. Request becoming a part of the translation team
  5. Start translating by selecting the language you want to contribute

If you have any issues while using the tool feel free to ask here and we will help.

Big thank you! :slight_smile:


I’ll post the full list of languages because there are a few languages almost 100% translated but with a low percentage for reviews:

That’s all. The rest of the languages are at 0%.

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looks like the Arabic translation is 94% but with a low percentage for reviews, I hope it becomes 94% available in the new version of the app because we really need it translated, it would help a lot, the majority of users using the app here can’t understand English very well which makes it hard training them.

Hey @hamza. As we lack native Arabic speakers in the team we will most probably auto-review most of the strings (if not all) so they are included. And we hope that the community can report afterwards in case there are mistakes in the translations.


Yes, I saw the strings of the app have been all reviewed, thanks to all dhis2 team.