Translations in DHIS2

Hi Mahendra,

you might call it a bug. Data entry is a bit special - the data entry forms are stored in browser local storage/idb including labels. If you clear local storage/idb it will work. Ideally we should force a re-download of all forms for the user when locale is changed.




On May 20, 2014 10:57 AM, “Mahendra Kariya” wrote:

Hi All,

We are customising DHIS2 for MSF.

We translated a few data elements (name as well as form name) to FR locale, changed the user’s preferred language to FR and navigated to the data entry screen. The data elements are shown in English instead of French. Even when we loaded the list of data elements, the names are being shown in English.

We are wondering if this is the expected behavior or is this is a bug?