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Dear all,

I still have a few questions on about the LocaleManager object.

Why must we separate it two implementation forms??? One is being used for User Setting and the left one is being used for Session Locale Manager which interacting in database. Although, I see that they are seemly the same tasks.

Beside this, I see that in the sense of if you want to make your owned locale to be used to manage/interact database by your country’s language as default. So, you have to set systemLocale property’s value of the beans.xml file, which contained into dhis-i18n-db package, to <your language/country code>, ie. vi_VN (using for Vietnam), or zh_CN (using for China), etc…

  • <property name="systemLocale" value="**en_GB**"/>


But, is this configured action going to influence on the process of writing in database instead of using en_GB as default value?

If the recommendation is that “You cannot do that”. So, an other question is that “How could we be able to create a new locale that used for database management without any relevant functionality joined in DHIS2 now?”.

It can be more clearly if you guys help me explaining these questions.

Really thanks !

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 1:35 PM, Hieu Dang Duy wrote:

Thank you Knut for sharing me Brucker’s email.

Also, I saw his full name in his source code as an author’s name. Btw, is he working for HISP?

Cheers !

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 1:25 PM, Knut Staring wrote:

Hi Hieu,

If you have specific questions when trying to make the i18n for the database work again, perhaps Øyvind Brucker (copied) can help out (though it is a long time since he made that module).

Knut Staring

Good Health !

Good Health !