Translation for Registration Form Section

Is it possible to provide a translation to a section name/heading in the registration form (attributes)? I see that I can translate section headings in the program stages but the same thing does not seem to be available for registration form sections. We will be translating our instance into multiple languages so it would be very helpful to be able to translate this. Thanks in advance! Jeremy

The translation for the registration form page in the Tracker Capture app appears automatically depending on the user’s account lanuage, see screenshot when I change the language to French in the play instance.

However, I tried to search for translation for the custom title sections that appear in the registration page in the Capture app but couldn’t. I will ask and if there is I will let you know. If there isn’t then you are free to create a feature request in


@Gassim Thanks for the reply. Yes so what I’m trying to find is where in system maintenance do I go to enter in the translated words. For program stage sections it is clear, but for registration form sections, I can’t find it.

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Hi again @Jermacias,

edit: please see @Matthieu’s post below,


Hi @Jermacias, to translate a Program Section name you want to use the Translations app.

  • In the Object drop-down list you want to choose Program Section
  • and choose your target language in the Language drop-down list.

As you can see from the screenshots, the name that is displayed in the Capture App is the form name.

I hope this is helping.

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:clap: @Matthieu, thanks!!
I was looking for ‘registration section’ and didn’t think I’d find it in the Program Section! :grin:

@Jermacias yes, please follow @Matthieu’s instructions above. (:

@Matthieu Thanks for the reply. btw, we are running v2.36.6. When I am in the translation app, I have nothing called “Program Section” but rather it is called “Program Stage Section.” This of course allows me to translate the section headings for the program stages as we have already been able to do.

Where I am failing is to translate the section headings in the Registration Form (Atrributes rather than Program Stages). When I am in the translation app and I have selected, “Program Stage Section” none of my section headings for the registration form are coming up there.

Check on DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone we can see Program Section. Please try to use incognito, if you can see it then please clear the cache in your browser using the Browser Cache cleaner.

Thank you!

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@Gassim Whether incognito or after clearing cache, that just doesn’t come up as an option for me in the translation app. I see the Demo-Sierra Leone is running v2.36.8 and we are on v2.36.6. Perhaps that makes a difference. We will be upgrading soon to v2.37 so hopefully I will then have access to editing these translations. Thanks for the help!

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Sorry it doesn’t show up! Yes, you can wait until you upgrade to v2.37.3 or if that’s not sooner than what you want, maybe update to v2.36.8.

You’re welcome!


Hi @Jermacias echoing @Gassim ,I can confirm that it’s bug that has been resolved in the patch 2.36.8 (see Jira Ticket DHIS2-12293)


@Matthieu, great thanks for confirming. We’ll be upgrading soon so that will be taken care of.


Great to read this @Jermacias . Let us know how it goes.

Have a nice day!