Translate the case list labels from English to French

Hi, Community

In the WHO TB Tracker package, how to translate the case list labels from English to French.

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Hi @elmoujarrade

I think this is a good question! Sorry for the delay…

You see in the Capture app (the app which will replace the Tracker Capture app someday in the future) the Working Lists are handled differently. After creating the filters, you click on save current view as and give it a name.

You can name the filter in a different language and not just English… However, I don’t see a way to translate this naming… would you like to create a feature request in Projects - Jira? I think it’s a good idea!

See screenshot:

Thank you!

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@elmoujarrade and @Gassim : I believe that these should be available for translation in the Translations App if you select “Tracked Entity Instance Filter” as the object type.



Hi, @tzemp

Issue fixed.
Thank you for your support.