Transform Event data into Aggregate Data

I am trying to take data from an Event program and assign it to Dataset form using indicators but it is not successful. I am running a v2.33.
When i add the indicators that fetches data from the event program, it does not show on the dataentry app (the fields is just gray, not even 0 shows) and it do the same to any other indicator assign to the form.
If any one has a method that can use to succesfully do this?

Hi @lens_Kamdem !

In order to transfer data from event (tracker) to aggregate datasets, you will need to convert the data to aggregate format first.

The suggested approach is:

  1. to create a program indicator In the Event program.
  2. map this program indicator to the data element that is assigned to your data set. Make sure that the time periods match.
  3. transfer the data.

For transferring, you can try using an app from app hub:

Eg. Data Transfer Wizard

or a script

For fetching the data you can use the dataValueSet endpoint

For posting:
dataValues endpoint.

Good luck!

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Hi @lens_Kamdem,

It doesn’t work like that. Data entry form can calculate indicator values out of data elements rendered in the same form.

Thank you,

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