Transform attribute of an entity age in integer to an age group in Report event

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I have configure an entity type with attribute age of type integer and sex =‘M,F’. Now I want in the report event to display sex by age group. Age group will be : < 12, 12-20, etc… Is it possible to o this.
Same question for program indicator when I want to define an indicator called “number of entity by sex and age group”. Is it possible to desagregate indicateur by sex and age group.
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Gérard Bisama

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Hi @Gerard_Bisama,

Which version of DHIS2 are you using?

For the event report to display sex by age group; it is possible using the program indicators.

Question on program Indicator - Yes, using the event reports (Use the 2 dimensions - Gender and Age).


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Hi James, I am using the 2.29 version. Here below is the form am using to entre data. When I use sexe since it M,F it create disagregation by M and F but when I use date. Each data appear as category since we enter age in year. I would like to create a group of age from age(ans) and use it in the report event instead of each age appear as category.
For indicator when I define the program indicator and go to pivot table I dont see any way to display by age or sex.


Finally, I have found a solution that seems fine for my requirement. I have create an attrivbute agegroup and I use program role to assign agegroup base on the age of the entity. it works fine.



That’s great @Gerard_Bisama! Good to know you are sorted.


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Thanks for this exchange. I am currently having the same approach as @Gerard_Bisama with the program rule.

@jomutsani, I have explored without success the approach with program indicator. Would you mind to bring more detail ?

- Event reports

  • Create DE and Tracker Program
  • Set the DE it with program rules from another PE
  • Use event Report

Pivot Table

  • Create X program indicator for each age & gender ? (it is heavy if it should be repeated with lot of indicator)
  • Is it possible to have a category option for event report ? (it seems no)

Thanks for your reply

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