Transfer of ownership from one org unit to another

Hello community experts,

I am a bit confused on what’s the latest status for a feature for transfer of ownership of enrollments from one org unit to another. Is the referral feature same as transfer?

Use case: In cases like Child Immunization Program, sometime after few immunization done at one health center, child family may get shifted to other district and this time we also need to transfer the immunization records to other org units

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Hi @jthomas

It’s all called ‘referal’ as you mentioned except as it’s written in the docs:

One-time referral which will only refer TEI for one single event

Move permanently which will move TEI ownership to the selected Organisation Unit


Thanks @Gassim Move permenantly looks to be done only through APIs now right? not from any click buttons like ‘Add referral’

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Sorry I forgot to add reference to the docs - it says in the UI (not only in the API):

Refer an event


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