Tracking Missed Appointments in Tracker Capture

We are wanting to track the number of missed appointments in Tracker Capture. A missed appointment is defined as (a) any appointment that has been rescheduled - note that this can happen multiple times for a single stage, and/or (b) any appointment that hasn’t been attended.

We have been looking through the tables and it doesn’t appear that ‘rescheduling’ is logged anywhere as a value. Does anyone have any thoughts on how we would track whether or not an appointment has been rescheduled, and how many times?

From @brian

It’s a problem for the scheduled events model. Users get the functionality to change schedule event due dates whenever they like, but those re-scheduling actions are not logged anywhere useful for analysis (except, I suppose, the server logs). Further, once a scheduled event is opened and converted from “scheduled” to “active”, you can’t see when that action occurred or who opened it.

We had a similar problem with ANC tracker: to test the effectiveness of SMS reminders 7 days before their appointment, we needed to see how many scheduled events actually occurred. So we exported the event data, and determined that if the CREATEDDATE was before the EVENTDATE and the event is active or complete, then it originated as a scheduled appointment and was later activated. But because the event scheduling is so dynamic, these are all based on assumptions about users’ scheduling behavior, like users do not delete the scheduled event and open a “fresh” event, and there’s limited “rescheduling” of the appointment.

It would have been easier to run a nightly script to download all scheduled and active events by org unit, due date, and enrollment, then do an analysis to see how many events have multiple due dates (reschedules), became an active event (activated), or were skipped/deleted. Or possibly, there would be a way to set up a program stage notification with that info, which is sent to db admins whenever a new appointment is scheduled or becomes 1 day overdue. You could then export and analyze those programstage notifications without need for a nightly script.

TLDR: With event reports can see how many events were missed – “OVERDUE” or “SCHEDULED” status—where due date is before the analytic period start date. But the “rescheduled appointment” indicator is not possible in DHIS2 analytics, you’ll need a custom script.

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Tagging @Markus with this user requirement for logging “rescheduled” events in tracker.

Hi! Yes this seems like a requirement that is not well covered by the solution, and a workaround like Brian describes is necessary.

@Brian Can you perhaps help draft this user story in jira??


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Sure, here.
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