Tracking drugs and medicines order and issuance per facility

Good day to all. How do you implement tracking of drugs and medicines order and issuance per health facility daily?

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Regarding your question there’s a page dedicated for LMIS where you can read more info about your question and see/use an interactive learning tutorial. Logistics - DHIS2

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Your post is short and not very specific but here is what we have developed:

DHIS2-MSR: Monthly Stock Reporting

A simple Default Data entry form for recording essential stock data such as stock on hand and monthly distributions at the end of the month (ideally) on a mobile device directly at the health facility. Detailed analytics are available and we recommend integration with a nation LMIS (such as mSupply, OpenLMIS, Medexis etc.)

DHIS2-RTS: Real-Time Stock management

Storekeepers record stock distributions (discards and corrections) on a mobile device by scanning a barcode on every product and recording the transaction quantity. DHIS2 then calculates the stock balance in real-time and detailed analytics are available in Dashboards. We recommend using this system by integrating with a national LMIS.

We are happy to advise on details if you can provide us some information on your use case.

“Tracking of drugs”: if you mean keeping tracking of stock levels and transactions this is possible but we do not offer tracking and tracing consignments with their geolocation.

“Issuance”: our solutions manage the daily or weekly distributions from a (central) pharmacy to wards, services, community health workers but not dispensing to individual patients.

You can read details here:

You can access the LMIS sandbox and explore both tools (as well as cold chain equipment life cycle management and others) on the web and on a mobile device here:

You can read details about the configuration here: Implement/Logistics


Please also have a look at this interactive tutorial:

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