Tracker-to-Aggregate (T2A) Run time, how can someone track whether its running or not? on windows And if any errors how to the bug them ?i have been running this Application for a while and i can't get anything?

Greetings Brian. You would know T2A is running since you would see movement in the logs. T2A is a job so it will run according to its configured schedule which is set by the schedule.expression argument. By default, execution is kicked off at midnight every day. You can kick-off the job by sending an empty HTTP POST request to the machine where T2A is installed (e.g., if you installed T2A on your local machine then the default address would be http://localhost:8081/dhis2/t2a). The address is configurable as described in the documentation.

Hello Claude ,so i have come across all those steps and the application has successfully ran. But the issues comes in when everything is done but if i go back to the instance to check if the data set has been filled with the data value sets ,nothing has changed ,i have tried it many times but still the same response.