[ Tracker Scenario] Different Status in the process & Assign to different users - example: Child Protection Use Case

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How do you generally handle different status for the enrolled entities (Like In Child Protection, We may want to tag each enrollment as “Missing”, “Found”, “Diverted to Juvenile home” etc). This status will get changed during the course of time.

Also we need to assign cases to different users, so that can do investigation and update status accordingly. how do we assign users and when they login they get a notification or they have their bucket of cases assigned to them?

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I think that this depends on the use case and how this data is going to be used. It could actually be either a data element or a tracked entity attribute depending on probably many factors. It could actually be a TEA if all is required is to show the status of the entity rather than a certain stage but if it is for example that each time a change happens to this info, a new stage is created then it’d be a data element in a program stage. For example, if you need to create a new event when a change happens from ‘missing’ to ‘found’ then you’d most probably have this as a data element in the program stage.

I hope you will find the docs helpful for this,

How to assign a user to an event¶

I’m not sure this is possible! Would you like to create a feature request for this?



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You can assign a user for an event by clicking on the tracker program → from the Program stage tab → check the option → Allow user assignment of events as indicated in the below screenshots:

after that click on update stage and then Save

and if you back to your tracker program and went through the updated stage you will find a new field to select from a predefined list of users defined in your program as below:

Select one of the users to be assigned from the list…

Finally, if the end user wants to see only the specifically assigned patients list, please follow the screenshot below to filter only those assigned:

P.S. if you are using version 2.38 and above you can create your own predefined list as described at the below URL link:

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@ayman.tuffaha, do you know if this is possible? Thanks!


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I am not aware of the nature/ type of the requested notification, but please you can refer to the below URL for further details:

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