Tracker Referral Behaviour


Am having a challenge with the referrals in tracker. Let say I have a program in which a user is assigned to only one facility for the purposes of data entry. There may be an occasion where I would like to refer this person to another org unit/facility for additional services within the same program. I do not want that user to have the ability to enter any data within the org unit they are referring to, I just want to them to be able to refer patients to other org units in the system.

In the original case, if my user is assigned only one org unit (a facility), and I try to refer them to another org unit, I receive the following message


The error message would imply that the user needs to have write access to the org unit they are referring to. I tested this further by assigning some additional data entry org units to the user and then I was able to perform the referral with no issues.

I would like to get this working without allowing a user to have multiple data entry org units while still allowing them to refer to other org units.

This was tested using 2.29, build 041bcee on Oct 2, 2018.




Shurajit Dutta (MPH, MHI)
Health Information Systems Adviser

Hei there Nick,

thank you for bringing it up. We had it identified an reported in Jira, and we are working on a solution for it in the current development Milestone for Tracker:

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Shurajit Dutta (MPH, MHI)
Health Information Systems Adviser