Tracker Program Stage Loads Forever


I am currently running dhis-2.28 and am facing some issues with the Tracker Program stage.
Some of my Program stages are unable to load and show the data entry form input fields. It loads forever as indicated in the Image attached.


Greetings community,

Could anyone have faced this challenge before where program Stages are not loading? @jomutsani



Hi @mauriceelagu,

We will need a bit more information in order to identify the problem. For starters:

  1. Are there any console errors in the browser?
  2. Are there any failed API calls?

You can find out by opening “developer tools” in your browser and looking at the console and network tabs.


Hi @Gintare,

Yes, I have 2 console errors, "TypeError: Cannot read property ‘timelineDataEntryMode’ of undefined


@Markus, @Joakim, any ideas on what could be wrong?


In most recent I have been facing the similar challenge with the same Error. I am managing several tracker instances, and most of them are running at 2.30 (Everything is okay). 4 out of 6 tracker instances show the same error, only 2 was success. The challenge raises when I upgrade to 2.31 or 2.32 and even 2.33. All acts on the same way. Unfortunately, tomcat logs doesn’t capture any error and the Data Integrity seems to be okay. We have to depend on Console alone.

I am using PostgreSQL 10, and tomcat 8.5 . I added lines on server.xml

It is still the same story. I will appreciate for you help. Should anyone be interested to access one of my dev system to examine the problem is welcome.


It is strange though. I was going through different threads in here. I come across with a thread Failed to save the enrollment to the server , there is a clue from @chase.freeman about the bugs reported on Jira

I changed the Tracked Dashboard from ‘Unlock layout for all users’ to ‘Lock layout for all users’ . It solved a problem at my side. It worth a try.


Thanks a bunch @sele,

Changing the Tracked Dashboard from ‘Unlock layout for all users’ to ‘Lock layout for all users’ solved the problem for me aswell.



I also found the same issue on 2.32.2 after we recently upgraded. We experienced the same issue, but had our tracked dashboards already locked for all users. We therefore unlocked them and this worked (as suggested).

This must be done for every tracker program that you have individually though, so be sure to go through each program to ensure that the issue is resolved.


@Karoline Can we get someone to look into this–it got skipped in the last patch updates:

Lots of people seeming to have issues


Hi @chase.freeman, thanks for tagging me and highlighting the issue. I’ll follow up with the Tracker team here!

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Thank you! :pray: :blush:


Hi everyone!

Happy to inform you that we fixed an issue where layout locking feature was causing failure. The fix will be available in 2.34 and all upcoming patches (2.31 to 2.33).

/ Gintare

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I am using DHIS2 2.34 but this bug is still there.


Hi @tkiyemba,

Could you please add some more information? What console error are you seeing?


Dear Gintare, these are the error logs I get as the stage hangs, most especially when I select tabular data entry.

angular.js:11655 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘customLayout’ of undefined
at n.$scope.getDataEntryForm (dataentry-controller.js:1573)
at dataentry-controller.js:1426
at angular.js:13248
at n.$eval (angular.js:14466)
at n.$digest (angular.js:14282)
at n.$apply (angular.js:14571)
at (services.js:3367)
at fire (jquery.js:3317)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:3447)
at IDBRequest.request.onsuccess (dhis2-storage-idb-e5bdf19229.js:219)

Hi @Gintare , @tkiyemba ,

We have spotted that under some unusual circumstances we get the error that Kiyemba is mentioning.
When this error happens, always in tabular mode, the user cannot open the first stage of the program and it keeps loading forever. If the user then creates an event for another stage and comes back to the first one, then it loads correctly.

We are not sure but we believe that it might be linked to not having a good internet connection, since we have tried it with the same setup (user in incognito mode,same OS, browser, TEI dashboard, etc) but better internet connection at it works fine. We were able to reproduce this in the latest play version but could not record the screen. I was wondering if this error is still happening to you, @tkiyemba and if anyone (or @Gintare) have noticed this before. CC @Tomas_Sala

Yes, this error still happens even where internet connection is good. We usually refresh or click new event and get ack to the tab then it opens.

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hi there @dhis2-tracker ,

As stated above in some place we have problems on downloading the tracker forms. This is happening either to both tabular / timeline dataentry forms. If we checkout the console, all forms are loaded but for some reasons the loading icon keeps going endless. If you play with the different stages, then it shows up. In our case. We have been able to reproduce this in the play server, checkout this video that is more explanatory:

In our case, as our forms are not autogenerated, the only way to overcome this is to create fill out the stages in an appropriate order (which is not very convenient).

Recently, we have been experienced this more frequently so we don’t know if something in the configuration make this more likely to happen.

Any thoughts on that? Perhaps something to take into consideration when considering developing forms that are lighter so that low-connecting environments can benefit from it. Thanks!